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Kevin Lee Hasbrouck, 59, a resident of Wenatchee, passed away on Sunday, June 28, 2020.

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08/16/20 10:14 PM #1    

Stefan Dudley

Gonna miss ya brother. I met Kevin riding the bus on Thomas RD in the 9th grade. Soon there was a bunch of us riding 2wards the bak of the bus. Beth Brunson (Henderson), Letta stokes, Barb Gearheart, Greg Richeson, Dennis Hasbrouk, Ken Hasbrouck, Butch Elliot... Kevin and I became good friends. If I missed the bus I could always walk 2 his house and catch it from there. 1 day after school I got off at Kevin's house and he offered me a chew. Copenhagen. He said to take a big pinch between ur thumb and finger and push it down in2 ur lower lip. DON'T SWALLOW yet. SHIT wasn't 10 minutes and I was pukin my guts out on the front porch! Didn't stop me tho, maybe a prelude 2 joinin the Marine Corps? My mom said "I ever catch u chewin that shit I'll beat ur ass till u can't sit 4 a week." Now My mom was a barber and had a razor strap. I knew good and well from the past what that felt like. So I kept that hidden like a used condom. When I got my car and new wheels, I would put the can of chew in the chrome center cap of my wheel. She'll NEVER FIND it in there! Then 1 day Larry Weyand was in my car at my place and threw HIS empty can out in the driveway. YUP U GUESSED IT. My mom found it. Hell I could hav convinced the devil in HELL that this was gonna b the best Ice water u HAV EVER DRANK than convincing her. Finally I had 2 call a witness in, YUP Larry! THANK GOD. She never did find out until I came home from boot camp. Oh.......I changed 2 skoal wintergreen after about 5 chews of Copenhagen. R.I.P. my man.

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