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Nicole Karami passed away Friday, 2/21/2020, at her home in Kirkland, WA at age 58. Nicole was born in Los Angeles, California on April 30, 1961, to Ellen and Earl Glauert. Nicole is survived by her husband, Michael Karami, and her children, Jennifer and Matthew Karami, her mom Ellen Glauert, her sister Donna Kraemer, and nieces and nephews. Nicole loved dancing and did Ballet for 12 years when she was growing up. She continued taking dance classes for most of her life, and would jump to a dance at anyone's request. She could do Ballet, Tap, Irish Tap, Flamenco, and Jazz dance. She also loved traveling, and had traveled to 22 countries with her husband. She loved vacationing so much that her husband called her Nicole-Vacation-Karami. She was a total anglophile and was always telling people about her Swiss-German ancestors. She was a positive and kind spirit who loved to have fun. Lastly she loved her family, and was extremely proud of her children.

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08/16/20 04:06 PM #1    

Nikki Dahl (Adams)

I'm so saddened by this news. I have fond memories of Nicole and recall doing dance routines with her in her living room and paddling in the pond by her house. I always admired her amazing dancing abilities. My sincere condolences to her family. 

08/17/20 11:50 AM #2    

Don Wright

Nicole was endlessly patient and kind. I was in several classes with her from 6th through 9th and always enjoyed her sense of humor and ability to put up with the harmless but immature twit that I was then. Just a great person. My condolences to her family. Yes 

08/17/20 02:06 PM #3    

Lori Leavitt

Nicole was a sweet, curious, quiet, creative, talented and giving person. A friend since 5th grade and into the early 90s. Still a friend, but I lost track of her. I remember when she attended Central in 79/80 and we attempted exchanging singing lessons for dance lessons. It didn't work, but we had fun trying! I remember cajoling her into going with me to our 10 year reunion (I have a photo somewhere!). Struggling to fit the "type" required in the Philadelphia Ballet was hard on her. In the early 90s in Seattle we ushered plays together so that we could see them. She was teaching Jazz dance classes at the time, which surprised me a litte, although I'm not too surprised she shifted away from ballet after her experience in a ballet company. I've searched for Nicole a few times, including before the 40th reunion, and could not locate her. Just in Kirkland?! I couldn't find her younger or older sister either, although I did find that her younger sister Andrea passed in 2011. Perhaps they are dancing together in heaven.

08/17/20 04:56 PM #4    

Sharon McNerney (Robertson)

I am so sad to hear this...I was only friends with Nicole for a short time in high school, but she was always so kind and sweet.  I remember we had an English class together and I wrote one of my papers about her and her love for dance.(with her permission)  I was sorry we lost touch after high school.  You left a beautiful mark on this world, Nicole.  You will be missed.

08/17/20 09:55 PM #5    

Julie Johnson

Like many of our classmates, I am so saddened by the news of Nicole's passing. Also like many of you, I lost track of her but remember her as a kind, gentle person with a sweet spirit. In grade school I remember sleep overs at her house, where one of my favorite memories was ridding her horse, Stawberry. I hope her family will find comfort knowing how many people have such fond memories of our sweet friend. 

08/18/20 09:09 AM #6    

Jeff Osborn

I'm so sorry to hear of Nicole's passing. I remember her as a nice, intelligent classmate growing up –and– so determined and amazingly gifted as an artist of dance. My heartfelt condolences to her family and those who loved her.

08/18/20 08:39 PM #7    

Genine Hoover (Pratt)

Oh my heart aches. Nicole was my best friend for a couple of years. We would trade sleep overs every weekend that our parents allowed. Her mom always said yes. I got to eat exotic foods that I had never heard of. Race up and down the heated floors to the far end where it was an iceberg. Ice skated on the pond, rode her horse, watched ballet lessons, picked berries, made homemade soap (yes,soap) ,visited with her dad in his study and hear stories of Argentina from Ellen next to the fireplace. Snuck into Donato's bedroom to listen to Tea for the Tillerman under the black lights. Sooooo many memories. Our friendship gave me the beginnings of a need for female companionship. Love you Nicole. I too tried to find her after the 10 year reunion. Lesson to all of us. We are not promised tomorrow. Good to know so many others are reaching out at this time in our life. Thank you to all of my friends that haven't given up on me over the years. 

08/18/20 11:38 PM #8    

Vicki Tamparo (Dunlop)

I have such fond memories of Nicole and remember her as a kind and fun-loving person who cared deeply for others. We were friends and ballet buddies when we were growing up. I remember fun weekends at her house or mine just hanging out and being goofy together. My heart goes out to Nicole’s family. I pray for peace and comfort during this difficult time.

08/19/20 05:16 PM #9    

Lynette Mitchell (Arnold)

So, so sad to hear of Nicole's passing.  She was very gifted and driven, but also, so very sweet.  When she came to my house the weekend of our 10 year reunion, was the last time I saw, or heard, from her.  She seemed troubled at that time, but it sounds like things must have been so much better for her in the following years.  Praying for her husband and family.

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